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The eDiscovery Platform (eDP) (previously known as Clearwell) is designed to take speed to resolution seriously and have designed a simple, intuitive interface for customers that take it seriously, too. The eDiscovery Platform has robust functionality which includes:

  • A consumer-grade design that dramatically lowers the learning curve and spurs immediate action
  • Workflow automation that reduces manual effort and mitigates human error
  • Quick deployment through a purpose-built appliance, software, or hosted as a service

With deadlines pending and thousands of documents to review, there’s no time to fool around with disjointed solutions to get eDiscovery done. From ECA and keywords to concepts and TAR, the eDiscovery Platform provides the ultimate analysis toolkit for isolating potentially relevant items, revealing context, and prioritizing what’s most important.

  • Patented email threading provides incredible context and insight
  • Powerful auto-filters make it easy to get rid of junk quickly
  • Transparent search provides a roadmap for your next step

Veritas Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs, reduce risk, and achieve compliance through actionable intelligence into data ownership, usage, and access controls. The reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities in Data Insight give organizations an understanding of what data exists, how it is being used, who owns it, and has access to it. With Data Insight you can: 

  • Automate governance through workflows and customization
  • Drive efficiency and cost savings in your unstructured data environment
  • Maintain regulatory compliance for information access, use and retention
  • Protect confidential information from unauthorized use and exposure

eDiscovery Open Reporting Business Intelligence Tool(eORBIT): Data and Reporting at Your Fingertips You will be able to identify new opportunities and implement an effective strategy based on insights which can provide your organization with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

  • Operates Continuously – Set it and forget it. eORBIT runs continuously once you have configured it.  When the eDiscovery Platform (eDP) updates the same record, the tool will continuously update the corresponding record.
  • Increases Productivity – eORBIT eliminates the need for code writing or database importing. This tool reduces the manpower for generating data for your business intelligence (BI) reporting.
  • No Maintenance – There is no upkeep required other than a license key. Data will continuously flow into your data mart for business intelligence (BI) reporting.
  • Secure Data – The eDP data is secured from the application to your data mart (soups to nuts). Security is key in the eDiscovery business.

Today's litigation produces thousands, even millions of pages of documentary evidence. Emails and other electronic discovery have greatly increased the amount of data. Litigation professionals need high performance in-house software designed to meet the new data reality—efficiently and cost-effectively.

Scan paper documents or import image files, native electronic files, mail stores and text from any media such as CDs, DVDs and hard drives—with ease. Next, from a single, simple-to-use interface, you can extract digital text and metadata from electronic files and perform additional deduplication (by case or custodian) to ensure you won't review and produce more documents than needed.

QlikView is simple and easy, and puts the business user in total control. With just a few clicks, QlikView lets you consolidate, search, visualize, and analyze all your data sources for unprecedented business insight. No more outdated reports, no more guessing. Just fast answers to the most critical business questions

  • Simple to use and learn – Designed for business and power users alike.
  • Instant business answers – Explore data without limits. No waiting for static reports.
  • Rapid time to value – Measured in days, weeks and months.
  • Google-like Search – Rapid results for any keyword or phrase. Spot new trends and insights.
  • Goes Where You Go – Anywhere access on iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry
  • Collaboration – Share business insights with anyone. Mash QlikView into other apps.
  • Enterprise-ready – Supports tens of thousands of users and billions of records.
  • Deep Manageability – Powerful consoles for measuring, monitoring and deploying.
  • Ironclad security – Security standards designed to safeguard billions of records.
  • Works with what you have – Integrates data from other BI, ERP and CRM applications.

Informatica Master Data Management is the only MDM solution that is both easy to deploy and flexible enough to solve your unique business challenges.

  • Agility—Our solution can be deployed rapidly and easily, and includes the full assortment of data integrity, data quality, and BPM capabilities required to successfully complete any MDM project.
  • Business user-focused—We deliver value directly to your business users by immediately improving business processes and helping them discover relationships in the data that gives them powerful insights.
  • Focused on customer success—A dedicated group within Informatica’s MDM division, our customer success team was created with the sole purpose of ensuring customer satisfaction. As a result, Informatica has been named number one for customer loyalty nine years in a row by independent research firm TNS.

Nuix information governance solutions enable you to make eyes-wide-open decisions and effectively build a governance framework, contain costs, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance.

Our solutions give you the power to confidently implement policy, manage risk, prepare for litigation, manage records, and optimize IT and security resources. Shed light on the massive amounts of your unstructured content, minimize your storage or risky and costly data, and act on your information to mitigate issues and protect your critical assets.

Nuix’s suite of powerful, integrated eDiscovery solutions provides proven reliability across the entire legal discovery process. Nuix technology rapidly gives you a single, unified view into the widest variety of data sources so you can make informed decisions.

  • Operationalize eDiscovery as a repeatable end-to-end business process through legal hold, collection, processing, search and analysis, culling, review, and production
  • Pinpoint critical data for regulatory and legal inquiries, providing fact-based early case assessment to gain actionable insights
  • Have confidence in the integrity and legal defensibility of your discovery with the world’s leading search, analytics, and data management engine

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